The Enterprise Opportunity in Blockchain

The topic of discussion:

- Understanding how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can transform several industries ranging from Financial Services, Supply Chain Logistic, Healthcare, Retail, etc.
- How to successfully define, develop, build, and implement blockchain projects within enterprises
- Practical use cases: A look at the key benefits from blockchains including cost, immutability, transparency and new business models

Amol Bahuguna - Head of Payments & Cash Management, Commercial Bank of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dr.Petar Stojanov - Managing Partner - Ebtikaar, Futurist-in-residence - Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, United Arab Emirates
Jorge Sebastiao - CTO Ecosystem, Huawei, United Arab Emirates
Hamdan Azhar -chief Data Scientist, Blockchain Technologies Corporation,, United States
Fernando Martinho - Co-founder and CTO, Naoris, United Kingdom

Joeri Van Geelen - Founder & Ceo, Build Blocks Group, Singapore ***

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